Can I pretend

The feeling is so real,

Wish I could be still there

Just like the other sweet days

That we spend hand in hand

I can’t erase the moments from my mind

When I got hypnotized by your eyes

The only thing I was wishing to see

Was you,looking at me

Still I can hear you whispering in my ears

All your words sounds so clear

that says

I love you so much my dear

How can I forget the feel,u embraced

Every night reminds me of your hands,I traced

Still I feel your fingers bind with my

Touching own hair reminds me of tangling in thy

My heart broke loose,when you came close

It was like, I am on a very high dose

Now you are miles away


Shall I pretend,

That I never knew you as a friend

Cause now you are not with me

Though I wish us to stay hand in hand


I stopped myself from the very last hug

And this is gonna make me feel dumb for life long

I wish,

I could go back in time

Before we came in a line

I wish,

I can erase the kiss,that I will forever miss

Or I can even forget your eyes

That I found every time,looking at your butterfly

No, I can’t.

It’s hard to live this way


There’s one certain thing that I wish to say

My love will never die for you

It will grow deeper day by day.


When you were a child

Think back for a moment, try to remember
When you were a child,
Playing outside,
Falling, rising, running, jumping,
Laughing, crying, gallivanting around,
Climbing a tree, diving in lake or rolling around in mud,
Walking backwards or making animal voices,
Having no fear, no care of world,
And you were loving, joyful and free.
When you didn’t know meaning of any word
Before opinions took over your mind
The world seemed magical then
Everything used to be big, bright and colorful, like
Bucket of water used to be your ocean,
Tree used to be an elf with stretched hands and head up in sky,
Birds and squirrels used to be cute enough to be pets,
Butterflies used to be your angels flying around,
Mangoes could be of any color,
Nights used to be an obsidian canvas peppered with twinkling and blazing diamonds ,
You used to be superhero, wizard, prince or princess of your dreamland,
Barbie and captain America used be your best dolls,
And mama papa used to be your first girlfriend and boyfriend.
The real you is just like a flower, just like the wind,
Just like the ocean, just like the sun
World around you is gorgeously glowing, breathing, pleasant and uplifting and will always be the same
Just stay playful, curious, spontaneous and imaginative to see it.

Be yourself

Don’t we want everyone to like us
Start trying to do things the way they want
Their approval becomes our priority
We try to feed our mind with their positive feedbacks
But truly it’s a tragedy.
When we simply mimic other’s values
Our opinions stop being ours
The more we care about others
The more we disconnect from ourselves
We become slave to them, nothing left of us
And we are like piece of clay
That molds itself to fit everywhere.
We, then don’t do things we love to do
Or we have planned to do
Because we worry what others will say or think
And we end up sacrificing ourselves
Our voices, our dreams, our plans, our hobbies
Most people don’t know the person buried inside us
Because they have never seen the real us
And we too start to forget that person gradually.
So we must stop caring what other people think
We should do something that we wouldn’t do
Because of fear
We should do something that we had planned earlier
We should do something that we had dreamed of
We should dive inside to rescue our inner self
We should discover the values, deeply resonate with us
We should give permission to ourselves to embrace the rise and falls
Because the more risk we take, the less we will care
That’s God-honest truth.

“Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.” – ANDY WARHOL
“I pay no attention whatever to anybody’s praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings.” – WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART.

Your priorities should be saying what you feel, doing what flows organically from you but being genuinely yourself doesn’t do much good if you are genuinely an ignorant who refuses to change anything. Don’t forget to keep an open mind to constructive criticism and valuable advices because there are still plenty of things that you have to learn from others.

What if get rejected !

You will be rejected, everyone says
But please don’t care what they say
Cause someone said correctly-
A rejection is not a rejection of you,
It’s rejection of your idea only
Though rejection hurts, no matter what.
Being selected or rejected is part of this indefinite life
This makes you feel, you’re alive
If things go all well,it’s appreciable
But could be doubtful too
So don’t worry if you get negative response
Think only positive behind it
As you are getting reviews of your works
You are getting some worthy suggestions
You are getting to know what work need from you
Through which you can query yourself of
What are your flaws nd can improve
Before heading again
So every time you get rejections
Remember one thing
You are not the only one here
You are one of many others
Who fall and rise
And fly high the very next time.

Time Zone

We all are in a hurry, in fast paced world
To get to where we are going
In a hurry to get success
In a hurry to get things done
It has become a race,
And we are scared of being left behind
Get dejected in case things don’t happen our way
We started doing too much in too little time
Sometimes when doing nothing, it feels like
The world is running past us
And we find ourselves struggling to run with the force
Cause we look at others, to be like them
Be like those who have achieved too much in a little age
May be like any 20 year old graduate
May be like any 45 year old country President
May be like any 30 year old CEO
May be like any 25 year old world famous Musician
May be like any 20 year old international Sportsperson
Or may be like a 25 year old friend who is getting married
Feeling of becoming like someone is scaring the hell out of us
So relax, take a deep breath
Don’t compare yourself to others
The world is full of all kind of people
Everyone is unique in their own way
Everyone in the world is running their own race
On their own lane
In their own time zone
So don’t worry and don’t feel bad about your late success
Or late outcomes
Causes there are different plans for everybody
And you are in your time zone to be part of it.

Every waiting is a chance

We are humans, living in a running world
Rushing around to get the things we love
We don’t like to stay still for our turn
We don’t like to stand in a queue and wait
Every moment we try somehow to jump ahead
But fortunately there are some times, some places
Where we have to take a break
And slow down our speed or stop for a while
Whether we like or not
Sometimes we stuck in traffic
Or in a queue of banks, post offices or at a ticket counter
Or when we have to wait for someone at a place, or
We have to wait in same class for a year to pass on to another, or
We have to be at work till the day to end so we can get back to home
Or sometimes unfortunately on a hospital bed to resume our lives
We never know when and where we will have to pull break
It can be anywhere
So the question is how do we wait?
If I say undoubtedly we fiddle with our cell phones now a days and
Find some friend online to chat with
Start to play any game or list of songs
Or browse some article, news to read on
Sometimes we look at the person next to us
And  roll our eyes and roll our hair around index finger
Some times its way easy to just tap foot on floor.
Next question is, is that a good way of waiting?
When we live beautiful life in a beautiful world
Life is made up of too many good moments to cherish
Too many prior taken decisions to think again
Too many moments to plan for
Every moment of waiting is an opportunity to relax
It’s a time to give fast life a break and slow down it
We should take some deep breath in those waiting hours
And give our mind a sweet swing
So that we can rethink
About the times we have lived and
About the times we are going to live
So we should
Make our break, our waiting
A chance of living the moments again.